“MTT (MAJESTEC TRADING THAILAND CO., LTD.) Agrees That Innovation Is The Beginning To Make A Difference.”

Customers invest a lot of money for the construction of their beloved home. However, when they need security, there is no other option except the curved steel! The elegant architecture of your house will be diminished. In addition, it could be a main factor of loss in the event of a fire as many cases we can see from the house installing steel bars.

There are more and more problems of high end house burglary resulting in loss of life and property. Our product is perfect and is an alternative solution to protect your family and your beloved ones from intruders.

Majestec is developed as an alternative to meet the needs of security and beauty. Our products are developed by Meshtec International Co., Ltd. with a focus on ongoing development. Majestec is passed rigorous testing according to international standards for customers who trust us “feel safe” when living in the house.