Double Sliding Window Double Track

Single Sliding Door Double Track
April 11, 2018
Double Sliding Window Single Track
April 17, 2018
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Double Sliding Window Double Track



Lock System of Lockwood Hardware


Lockwood Hardware comes from Australia. The lock has a hook made of high quality stainless steel. It will be installed to fit the height of the panel in 3 points including top, center, and bottom. When the hooks are locked to the joints at the 3 points simultaneously, it will be very durable and difficult to be destroyed by the invaders. The locking status is indicated at the handle (the locking status is available only on the sliding door). Red – it cannot be opened from both inside and outside the house; only key must be used for unlocking or locking. Yellow – it will be locked by pushing the tail forward. People outside the house cannot open in, but people inside the house can open it. Green – it can be opened from both inside and outside the house.


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