Our Customers



1The property is yet to be constructed, could clients request for product / service price assessment in order to make their decision in installing our products?
Our clients could submit their property’s plan to our security consultant, we generally recommend our clients to install our products in major risky areas where they are prone to burglary then our quotation will be sent.
2The premise is under construction, what to be done to make sure that installation work harmonizes with the rest of property construction?
Our consultant will directly communicate with clients’ architect or property builder. We generally recommend them to allow 18-20 cm thickness of the cement wall for Majestec product installation to be fitted in the same frame. Nevertheless, it is up to existing handle range of glass door or window. This shall harmonize our installation with the property. Depending on the type of security doors/ windows chosen by clients; for instance, sliding door; if clients prefer lower sliding track to be harmonized with the property floor, sliding track can be embedded approximately 4 cm underneath the visible floor.
3Could Majestec product be used and matched with existing glass door or window of clients house?
Yes, Majestec is architecturally designed to easily incorporate into general doors and windows, whether aluminium, UPVC or wooden framed, for both new and existing properties. However, security and exquisiteness are the main characteristics of our product, hence; we also design supplemental materials i.e. aluminium boxes, aluminium track to uphold our product features. More importantly, it is a must that clients choose our product and supplemental materials to beautifully match with the color shade of window or door frame and supplemental materials.
4Why are Majestec products’ price higher than others?
This is a very good and frequent question. Our product meets Australian standard in Knife Shear Test AS 5041-2003 by using a specifically selected knife simulates an attack on the mesh, repeated 3 times, in a constant directional force; horizontal force 35 kg (350 N); at a velocity of 6 mm/sec. Majestec successfully passes and exceeds standard. In addition, Majestec passes and exceeds Dynamic Impact Testing in accordance with AS 5041-2003 to ensure impact resistance to the fixing system of a sash panel and components. The test comprises a heavy bag (42-46 kg) swung to directly impact the mesh, repeated 5 times, in the same direction and Mesh is wove with high-tensile stainless steel wire from specially made machinery with Majestec high standard and the top quality stainless grade 304 and grade 316 with diameter of 0.90 millimeter and 0.80 millimeter consecutively. Our supplemental materials pass Jemmy Test. The Majestec fixing system is innovative system registered under international patents. Therefore, our products are burglary resistance. Our supplemental materials are designed and made with supreme quality materials in order to harmonize our products with the architectural design of the house. This answers our clients’ demand in our product which security and exquisiteness are the main characteristics.
5Comparing to others, is Majestec product more expensive?
Commonly, people tend to go for grill or bar for their home security but when elegance and fire is taken into consideration, they do not perform well. Normal screen is also needed to prevent mosquitoes and insects when air-conditioner is not in use. Clients have to bear the cost of both grill or bar and normal screen. In comparison with Majectec, the cost is almost similar.
6Why Majestec?
Security and exquisiteness are the main characteristics of our product. This meets the requirement of our clients who have already invested in their property design, construction, and other overhead to ensure that their houses reflect their lifestyle the most. A question arises when security is priority but typical grill or bar could not meet their demand. Majestec is the answer with warranty program after installation. Clients could have a peace of mind whereas there is no guarantee from grill or bar or normal screen.
7Why only dark-colored mesh available?
Stainless steel has bright reflection feature which could harm clients’ eyes. Majestec has darken in accordance with our certified institution to reduce 60% harmful UV glare from stainless steel.
8How to contact us?
If interested, kindly send clients’ door frames/ windows dimension to us at info@majestec.co.th for quotation. Scanned house layout/blueprint could also be sent through email the above email address for price quotation and consultation on sensitive areas of the premises where security doors and windows are needed. Security consultant on-site visit for quotation could be arranged. This method is highly recommended as clients will receive the most in-depth product information and installation guidelines to harmonize our products into each architectural design at the clients’ property. Showroom visit at 2nd floor, The Pattio Pattanakarn Rd. could also be arranged through telephone number 02-322 6094-5 prior to visit.
9What is Multi-point lock system?
Multi-point Lock is an exclusive system made by Majestec for easy to use and break-in resistance purpose. Lock system is hidden inside the frame to maintain its stylishness and increase the sturdiness of our product.
10How to clean?
Soft damped cloth can be used on frame and screen to clean our product once dust or insect starts to build up. No need to worry about rust since our product is rust-free.
11After purchasing agreement, what is the next step?
Client could specify date and convenient time for installation in quotation or Majestec will contact clients to arrange installation at a later date.